BB&PPINC is back online

September 10th, 2012

Hello everyone.  We’ve finally gotten BB&PPINC back online.  We’ve had to relocate to bbandppinc.BIZ, instead of bbandppinc.COM, because we let the .com address lapse, but we think .biz will work just as well!

Mostly this site will serve to keep document what BB&PPINC has done,  there is no new work at the moment, but we will squeeze in a few old goodies that you might not have seen before. Thanks for stopping by!


A Few New

December 12th, 2006

Hello Everyone

Just a quick update to tell you about some of the things that have come out recently featuring little bits of BB&PPINC


Hey, 4-Eyes! II

A brilliant little glasses dedicated entirly to glasses! Imagine that. BB&PPINC have the front and back inside covers saturated with BB&PPINC maddness. The entire zine is wonderful, featuring comics and such by the likes of Wesley Allsbrook, IceCreamLandia, Robyn Chapman, Damien Jay, Cole Johnson, Aaron Krolikowski, Aaron Mew, Liz Prince, Aaron Renier and Kazimir Strzepek.

find out more here:


Here are our two pages from Hey 4-Eyes #2:



By Hand, The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art

We are honored to be a part of this book. There are a few pages featuring us with a short interview type of thing and then some images of our books. Here is a discription of the book:

In a response to the sleek forms and perfect angles of most late twentieth century design objects, many of today’s artists and designers are returning to handmade work such as hand lettering, hand drawing, and hand sewing. By Hand features an international collection of the most noteworthy artists and shows their work in detailed photography and insightful texts.

From books to pillows to T-shirts to toys, the pieces in this volume define an alternative view of contemporary design. Personal craft is emphasized over perfection and the personality of the artist is put forth as a key element of the finished product. From Kiki Smith’s lovingly etched birds to Barb Hunt’s knitted land mines to dynamo-ville’s one-of-a-kind puppets to Evil Twin’s hand-stitched publications, today’s art revels in the care and consideration of craft.

Buy it online at or ask for it at your local bookstore.

that’s all for now
Happy Holidays Everyone!


Below is our feature in By Hand from the google books version of the book:

BB&PPINC takes a break

March 22nd, 2006

Thank You to everyone who has supported us over the last 3 years. We couldn’t have done any of this with out all of you. We are so happy that we could accomplish all that we did with BB&PPINC, and we are honored to have been able to share it all with you.

At this point, we have both become to busy with our other projects to continue with BB&PPINC in the capacity that we want to be. We will be taking an indefinite hiatus from working on new projects for BB&PPINC. The small amount of books and cards that we have available will be sold exclusively through the stores that carry our stuff until the current supplies are gone. The prints will also be available at a few of the stores. We are sorry to limit the supply like this, but we are just not able to send out the orders anymore. If you are interested in a print or something from the BB&PPINC at AG Gallery Online, orders can be taken and possibly be sent out sometime this summer, but you will have to be patient.

We will still be keeping an eye on everything, so please feel free to contact us about anything. Thanks again to everyone. The Links page will connect you to where you can stay up to date with some of our current projects, as well as to other places where you can find BB&PPINC products.



June 15th, 2005

Last weekend we had a table at the MoCCA Art Festival! We send a huge thank you to everyone who came by and checked out our stuff and said hello! We had a lot of fun!

This year we had our Tree Book for the first time, but we also made some little things special for MoCCA as well. Below is the cover for the little book we made (Gocco printed cover!) The book is really short. The story follows BB as he goes to the b. We still have some of these if anyone is interested. We probably won’t print anymore once what we have is gone.


We also gocco printed some bookplate stickers! The printing of these was a bit of a “learning experience” for us, but most of them turned out alright. These are almost gone, but maybe we’ll do more of these sometime if there’s any interest. What do you think?!


UPDATE: print your own bookplates from our FUN STUFF section!

The other new thing we had at our table was a new book by our friend Natasha called Bath! (We love it!) She still has some of these, so go look at more stuff on her website and order on from her before they’re all gone!

Natasha’s Website

The best part of MOCCA is finding all the cool stuff that everyone else makes! Here’s a list in no particular order of some of the cool things we got! (this list may grow soon – we still haven’t finished sorting through everything yet!)

Hey, Four-Eyes! a zine about glasses by Robyn Chapman

Summa Cum Laude cool accordian book by Icecreamlandia

Yeah, It Is! comic with collaged art by Leslie Anne Mackenzie Stein

A bunch of books from Jeffrey Brown

Christina and Charles a cool crayon drawn book by Austin English

True Porn an anthology (for mature readers)

Krachmacher number one by Jim Campbell